Friday, April 8, 2011

Girls Day at the Beach

 On my way home from work I spied the lakeshore and decided I had an itch to go take some pictures.  All the kids were home and Brady was the only willing participant and Cullen was going down for a nap.  Shane was watching some TV and Abbi said it was too cold.  But by the time we were leaving two friends of Abbi's came knocking at the door.  I guess she decided it wasn't cold after all. Hehe, I guess she is getting to that age where friends are cooler than mom.

Brady and I took off for the beach, 2 sec from our house.  She was excited and dressed herself.  Complete with purse and stylish hat.  Too cute.  Here our the pictures from our beach trip. 

This is the Lake Huron Lakeshore.  Springtime lakeshore, complete with dead fish and all.

Brady out of focus.

Brady trying to hit me with a stick. Nice!!

Beautiful Profile.

Walking away from lakeshore.

Butterfly seashell.

Me and my Boo having fun at the beach.


Lianne said...

Awh, how sweet.

Linda said...

Great pictures =)

Cinnamon said...

You are *that* close to the beach. Totally jealous!!

I love that last picture of you and your "boo" :-)