Sunday, April 10, 2011

One thousand gifts

I know I am starting this early, but I am feeling the need to post my blessings.  The day is beautiful and the wind is blowing the chimes on the front porch and there is beauty all around.  It is Sunday, a good day.  God is always there, in the little and in the big, He is always there. 

My life is filled, filled to the brim. So, I shall count and give thanks to Him.

11.  70 degree weather

12.  boys climbing trees

13. Brady eating her lunch without a fuss.

14.  Clean drinking water.

15. An Easter wreath my Grandmother made for me.

16. How my kids love to learn about Jesus.

17.  Open windows with fresh breezes soaring through the windows.

18.  Abbi playing with the little kids outside while get some laundry done.

19.  The sun peaking through the clouds and filtering through the branches.

20.  A lazy kitty not scratching up my couch.


Mom of Many said...

It's ok to start giving Him thanks early!! And anytime a child eats without fussing that is definitely a blessing! :)

Joan said...

I love to feel the breeze coming through open windows.