Friday, April 29, 2011

Z is for Zoo

Zoo.  I don't mean the place you travel to with all the cute cuddly animals you visit.  I mean my house.  That's right.  I am saying my house is like a zoo.  Here it is: 

  • Wild animals that travel in packs = 4 kiddos that are "playing" together
  • Waiting in line for the bathroom = 6 people 1 bathroom, need I say more
  • Weird smells are always found at the zoo = 1 kid in diapers, 1 potty training
  • Concession area = 4 kids and and an open refrigerator
  • Monkeys slinging poo= a 3 yr old that is a little weird
  • Wild animals in cages = an 18 month old in his crib
  • Whiny, tired, crying kids = whiny, tired, crying kids
  • Trying to fit it all in before the end of the day = isn't that being a mom??
  • Spending time together as a family = love that part the most

Well, I did it.  The very last post of the challenge.  It was fun and I enjoyed meeting new people.  Thanks for taking the time to read my posts and God Bless.

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