Monday, April 25, 2011

One thousand gifts 04.25.2011

Thankful for so many things God has given me today and everyday.  Being able to share them is such a joy:

31.  Shane praying before a meal without having to remind him.

32.  A beautiful Easter brunch with our family celebrating the Resurrection of our Savior.

33.  Finding all of the hidden Easter eggs.

34.  A fun day at the park with the kids.

35.  Abbi and John making such a beautiful Easter brunch meal in a loaf.

36.  My loaf of bread turning out perfectly (for once).

 37.  Glorious colors that no editing program could match.  Something only God can create.  Beauty.

38.  My husband hugging me and whispering to me about the wonderful job I did for Easter with the kids.  The baskets, the bible lesson, the egg hunt and brunch with his help was all for them.  I am glad they enjoyed it and my husband appreciating it makes it that much sweeter.

39.  Laundry caught up for once.

40.  Loving this life God has created for me, good and bad.  Making the most of all I have received from Him.  Finding the beauty in the simple.  Loving the moments I am given here on this earth.


LLJ said...

: )
We are blessed, for sure!
Nice bread - yay!


Lora said...

Beautiful. I love the photo of His sky. WOW! Amazing.
I'm glad you had such a wonderful Easter.
Blessings, In Him.